Shower Enclosures versus Shower Curtains

Shower Enclosures versus Shower Curtains

There is a big old debate between shower enclosures and shower curtains and it can be a tough call to say which wins the war. Shower curtains and enclosures can both be great however, when they go head-to-head with one another there is only one winner. So, which should you choose a shower enclosure or a shower curtain?

The Shower Enclosures Offer Easy To Clean Properties

One of the top reasons why shower enclosures win the battle with curtains is simply because they can be a lot easier to clean. You might not think so but if you are working with say a glass enclosure, cleaning them is very simple and you just need a little bit of water and a good cloth. However, when you use curtains, it can be a pain to dry them and they get dirty so easily but the enclosures are much easier to maintain. This is why more look at the enclosures than ever before because in this day and age, very few have the time to waste cleaning a shower curtain.

Easier To Install

You might think curtains would be a lot less complicated in terms of installation wise however, that isn’t always the case. Have you ever tried putting up a shower curtain? It isn’t easy no matter how simple it looks especially since you have to unhook the curtain rail and then fiddle around with the clasps and reattach the rail again. However, the enclosures are quite simple to install from start to finish and the great thing – once it’s up, it’s up – and there is nothing else to do but clean it. When you are looking for something to finish off your shower cubicles, the enclosures might work best.

Shower Enclosures versus Shower Curtains

Looks Great

Shower enclosures are actually some of the very best options available today for the simple fact that they look amazing. Really, a shower enclosure looks very smart compared to a shower curtain because curtains just hang there while enclosures stand out. You can buy fancy designed or styled enclosures which help to make the shower look absolutely beautiful.

Shower Curtains Can Offer More Privacy

If we are being totally honest the shower curtain may be the one thing that helps to increase the amount of privacy you get. Now, we have all been there; you are in the middle of a shower and someone barges into the room and both people end up very embarrassed. This is never a good thing simply because it’s quite awkward but a shower curtain helps to stop anyone from seeing things they shouldn’t. People can still walk into the bathroom while you are in the shower but the curtain will stop them from seeing you! You are safe in the shower cubicles and away from prying eyes.

What Do You Love Most?

Of course, it really comes down to what you prefer and like most. For some, they will say the curtain is too difficult and always sticks to the body when in the shower; then again, others will say the enclosures are too stuffy for them. It depends on you and what you feel is most suited for your bathroom. If you still want to read more checkout this url: When you are searching for new shower enclosures or curtains, make sure you choose the perfect ones for your bathroom.

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