The shower of your dreams: picking your shower enclosure

Bathroom on a Budget

The shower cubicles are a key item in most homes and provide greater privacy to bath time. The shower cubicles came up with the purpose of delimiting the bath area in the bathrooms, and managed to keep the floor outside this always dry area and preventing moisture from spreading more than it should in site.

Often, however, the shower enclosures is not thought so dear to the bathroom decor, but one must keep in mind to choose the right model for the size and bathroom style is essential to have ease and functionality in everyday life and routine hygiene of residents. More than a field delimiter, the shower enclosures can and should be a leading item in the design and assembly environment.

How to choose the ideal shower enclosures for your bathroom

There are a few different formats and materials used in shower enclosures composition for bathrooms. Each variety brings an own specifications that influence the aesthetic and functional results of the environment. Luciana architect points out different details that deserve attention at the time of choosing each type of box:


The shower cubicles format should be designed according to the space available for it in the room. Moreover, it is always good to keep in mind that the door space should also be added if it is opened; likewise, the matching between the play style and environment of the remainder should also be taken into consideration. Click here.

Sliding door: this is a very common model; it fits in bathrooms of all sizes, from small to the largest. In this type of shower cubicles, there is a fixed glass portion, along the wall and the door runs across the floor rail and the pulleys in the upper bar. Pulleys may be apparent or embedded depending on the resident’s taste and environment style.

Door open: this is a model suitable for use in medium and large bathrooms, this type of shower cubicles the fixed part is also next to the wall and the door opens into or out of the box area with the use of hinges.

shower cubicles corner: the corner of the shower cubicles is chosen for small bathrooms in these cases, as the area is already small, the most common is to use sliding doors do not take up interior space and allow greater openness in the corner, with two doors run squares models or opening a door to the rounded curve models.


The most common material used when it comes to bathroom stall is glass, but there are alternatives that can be used in this room, taking into account also the bathroom style and the type of decoration.

Glass: the glass is a tough, modern material and can last for many years, it is the most used models, but the most expensive on the market.

Acrylic: acrylic stall has a lower cost than the glass templates, but can break easily. Being an opaque material, not see the dirt, which can cause mildew buildup.

Plastic curtain: this is a box that only requires a man and a plastic curtain to be installed, so it has a very low cost to the resident. An advantage is that these materials can be found in various stores and can also be installed without professional assistance. Often used in places where there are parallel walls and not in corner areas, as these do not have support for the hands, but is a wonderful option for cheap shower enclosures.

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